The importance of fulfilling promises & covenants and its impact on building the personality of individual and society In the light of Surah Al-Israa


  • Dr. Mukhamad Hadi Musolin , Mohd Sholeh bin Sheh Yusuff , Dr. Reda Owis Hassan Serour , Mohd Nizam bin Sahad


Fulfilling the promises is the one of great moral value and a most required and desirable matter. It is considered one of the commendable characteristics in all divine and non-divine religions and even in the society of freethinkers and atheists. Islam has taken care of all the commendable qualities, including the fulfillment of the covenant. Moreover, it urged Muslims to act upon it. This research is an attempt to understand the concept of fulfilling the covenant, and to explain its provisions, divisions, and its importance in building the individual and society. This research also aims to clarify the matters that helped in fulfilling the promises. This research uses the objective and analytical approach with emphasis in the study on fulfilling the promises in Surat Al-Israa. The research reached the conclusion that fulfilling the promises is a commendable quality and great character, and it is required and obligatory for every person. The research also reached the affirmation that fulfilling the promise is a source to build a successful Muslim person and a happy social life.