A Study on Analyzing the Acceptance of Social Networking Sites on Consumer Buying Behaviour


  • Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Shah


This paper is attempt to study and analyse the acceptance of Social Networking Sites (SNS) on consumer buying behaviour. It’s an endeavour to study the usage pattern of SNS and applying the acceptance model for consumer buying behaviour and decision making. The study would help in understanding the usage and effects of SNS on Marketing & Engaging activities of the business to create better user experience and satisfaction. The study was conducted using well-structured questionnaire method, particularly in western part of Gujarat, India. The data was collected from respondents of different age, groups, income, education background, sample was selected in a way that people originally from different states and cities of India but as of now residing in Jamnagar and Gujarat for work were included in study. Hypothesis were formulated and tested, where all the hypothesis fails to be accepted. It was found that there is an impact of SNS on consumer behaviour and decision making to an extend which, marketers cannot afford to ignore. Empirically it has been proved that SNS are found to be Useful, Trustworthy and Credible enough to shape the opinion of the Consumer. Business & Organisations needs to leverage the SNS for creating awareness, consumer engagement and enhancing the satisfaction. This will empower the marketer to use SNS as a strategic tool for identifying the ever-changing customer taste and preferences, customizing their offerings to suit the narrowly defined groups and niches. A main limitation of this work is that the survey was limited to Saurashtra Region of Gujarat specifically Jamnagar. To generalize the results of this research, one should repeat the study using a wider sample of users with other ethnic or cultural backgrounds. Future research must be focused on the analysis of data through multi-group studies in order to identify differences and similarities between different nationalities (Brettel and Spilker-Attigwith, 2010) respect to their level and adoption level of SNS, based on the different structures of participation in digital cultures.