Literature Review of Problems and Prospects of Indian Railway Stations


  • Mrs. Akhila Rao, Dr. Shailashri V.T, Dr. Kondru Sudheer Kumar, Dr. Molly Sanjay Chaudhuri


Indian Railways played an important role in our country's economic and social growth and development. It has brought dramatic changes in the country's economic, political, social, and cultural life. Indian Railways is also known as the "lifeline of the nation"; it is Asia's largest railways and the 4thlargest railway network in the world. It is also India's largest employer, and the world's 8th largest employer-owned solely by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India. Though it provides passenger and commercial transport to the whole nation at a comparatively lowest price, it faces intense competition with other modes of transport in terms of service quality and cost factors. The immediate resolution of its long and short term quantitative and qualitative challenges is a must to provide the best services to its customers. Organizational commitment at all levels in providing quality, cost, and safety services to passengers by improving all the functions at all levels can lead the way for becoming the preferred mode of transportation and catalyst for its growth and development. This review article focuses on the problems faced by the passengers and employees in Indian railway stations by using secondary data obtained from the comprehensive literature review from papers, blogs, journals, and magazines.