Metamorphosis An Action-Adventure Shooter Game


  • Cybele Daphne B. Gorre
  • Ma. Ymelda C. Batalla
  • Karl Louis V. Manansala
  • Jack Harvey B. Imperio
  • Paul Gilbert V. Maglaya
  • Catherine Joy G. Mayuga


Video Game is an electronic game that involves interaction using different electronic mediums such as computers, consoles and mobile devices. Video Games are playing a big part in the entertainment industry as a form of leisure, advertisement, treatment, training and simulation, education, and a new form of art and literature. Video games are the new form of adventure books, where people will play a character in a story that will immerse them to a whole different reality. They are also a form of escape, where people tend to go to in times of despair, boredom, or simply bonding with others. Playing video games can enhance someone’s hand and eye coordination, it can let anybody experience a new story, sometimes it let’s people discover something new and learn from it, and maybe pick up a moral lesson and use it as an inspiration or philosophy in life. Video Games can tell a story and the player can play the part of the main character by giving him life trough decisions and actions. Metamorphosis is an action-adventure shooter game, where the player will follow a narrative and discover the story behind the main character, Abeo, the Mega Bunny. The game will revolve around a storyline telling a tale about the adventures of Abeo and his quest to defend the citizens and stop evil to promote peace. The game’s story is in a fictional setting where animals are depicted as human like beings. This project will be published in the Personal Computer (PC) platform. It is a combination of 2 dimensional (2D), 2.5 dimensional (2.5D), and 3 dimensional (3D) arts, where the main levels are created in 2.5D, visuals and cut scenes are drawn in 2D, and some mini games or side quests are in the 3D space. Other features of the game includes a visual novel representation of the metamorphosis story depicted in the cut scenes and some choices that the player can make in game, mini games or side quest where the player can earn more currency points that can be used on enhancing the main character’s equipments and status, a combat system that is mild and non violent yet immersive and challenging, and a plot twist that can add fun to the game’s funativity.