Choice of All Ceramic Restoration for Discoloured Anterior Teeth


  • Sweetha V ,Thyianeswaran Nessappan, Dhanraj Ganapathy


Restoring discolored anterior teeth poses a serious problem in achieving good esthetics when restored with all-ceramic crowns.3 Selecting the material of the restoration, shade, and communicating it to the dental technician presents an even bigger challenge.This survey is  conducted to gather some information from dentists in order to understand their outlook on choice of materials and to evaluate the most preferable materials in fabricating a full ceramic restoration for the discolored anterior teeth.The survey questionnaire consisted of 20 questions aimed toward the current trend in fabricating a full ceramic restoration for discolored anterior teeth. This questionnaire was validated by a panel of senior prosthodontist and technicians and was sent to 70 dentists in Chennai and got 40 responses.The results of the study showed that 62.5% of the dentists preferred Ipsemax lithium disilicate high translucency ingots for their cases.31.3%dentists preferred high translucency ingots for their patients.12.5%low translucency,56.3%medium opacity ingots.81.3%dentists preferred layering technique and 18.8%dentists preferred cut back techniques.81,3%dentists use resin cement for their restoration.12.5% use Glass ionomer cement. The dentists preferred lithium disilicate for their patients and this survey would help to improve the rapport between the clinicians and dental laboratories and optimize the esthetics of the restorations fabricated for anterior teeth.discolored teeth.