Role of Desirable Personality of Personnel in the Aviation Industry


  • Rojanard Waramontri


This paper is majorly based on deriving the role of the desirable personality of the employees within the Aviation industry of Thailand. For that aim, the pro-active personality and flight attendant competence are act as independent variables, contextual performance as a dependent variable, while airline embedded act as a mediator. An online survey oriented qualitative research is conducted in this paper where the structural equation modeling based SPSS test is implemented. Its outcomes depict that there is a significant relationship between the pro-active personality and contextual performance by considering the mediating role of airline embedded, while the flight attendant competence somehow impacts on the contextual performance of Thai airlines. This paper is an informative approach for airlines' management, decision-makers, HR hiring staff, and related bodies. Well, its major weakness is based on the deficiency of customer dealing skills and enthusiastic type personality aspects and the lack of cultural influence factor, which can be overcome by future researchers.