Construction Method of English Grammatical Knowledge Map Tree based on Association Rules


  • YanpingGui, Xinming Zhao


A solid grammar is a necessary and sufficient condition for the advancement of English proficiency. The grammatical foundation plays an important role in the improvement of English proficiency. A good grammatical foundation can improve the ability of reading and writing, so it is extremely important for the study of English grammar knowledge. However, at this stage, the emphasis on English grammar has not been fully infiltrated, and no one has specifically explored the learning skills of English grammar. The goal of this paper is to explore the related items of English grammar and to study English grammar learning methods by constructing knowledge maps. Aiming at the problem that the grammar is difficult to grasp in the current English learning process, this paper proposes an English grammar knowledge learning algorithm based on association rules. By searching the frequent item sets of learning English grammar big data, a strong association rule is generated. According to the relevance, determine the set of auxiliary items for learning English grammar and construct a suitable knowledge map. The knowledge map provides method support for the association of knowledge learning. When learning English grammar, the knowledge map construction method is used to improve students' learning efficiency and learning effect.