The Effect of Integrated Marketing Communication of Customer Relation Management on Loyalty through Experience and Engagement in Automotive Industry


  • Sudaporn Kuntonbutr


The Integrated Marketing Communication has been used to communicate with customers to increase customer loyalty.  Currently, the development of digital technology has been progress and applied to marketing communication activities.  This study purposes to investigate automotive firms that apply digital communication and traditional communication as integrated marketing communication to establish customer loyalty.  The integrated marketing communication includes direct mail, leaflet, call center, customer relation activities such as card and gift, online brand community, online customer club, and email.  In addition, the two variables perform as mediators are relationship quality and customer brand engagement.  Subjects are post purchase of specific automotive brand that occupy high portion of market share in Thailand.  In considering customer loyalty, the repurchase intention and word of mount was measured.  Subjects of this study are customers of the medium segment of passenger car in Thailand.  The results indicate the effect of the integrated marketing communication of customer relation management on customer loyalty via two mediators in the model.  This study contributes to fill research gap by clarify the result of combination between communication tools that create customer loyalty effectively.