Review of the Human Resources Synthesis Psychology for Management of Business Organizations


  • Tosaporn Mahamud Ingorn Tanphan Somkid Chaiponoi Chaichana Teerasukittima


In this paper, there is to study the literature on the research related to human resource work in psychology which has an implication on the importance of working in an organization through many contexts of works. The objective of study is to understand the operation of the organization by using psychology which is benefits of working by means of study based on the  method of surveying synthetic content from researches on human resource psychology that is involved to compile the contents from various works that will benefit and bring to use in the management of an organization. The result of the study shows the implication of the content will be able to understand how the innovation from researches is important to help enhance the quality of human resource management to be useful and a good vision for an organization to work in the future.