Research on Binary Water Rights System Based on Elastic Volume Control Rid


  • Zheng Wan , Haibin Shi, Xiaomin Liu , Haiyan Liu


Water quality is one of the main factors that limits the quantity of water intake in areas
with rich water resources and causes the shortage of water resources in the region.
Aiming at the quality-induced water shortage problem in some cities of China, this
paper proposes a dynamic water rights management model based on the elastic volume
control, which redefines the tradable water rights into the binary water rights including
the water intake right and the pollution discharge right. And through the establishment
of the unit system "water intake –pollution discharge" model, the functional
relationship between the total water intake and the total pollution discharge amount
under certain water quality management objectives has been quantitatively studied,
which provided the necessary technical support for the binary water rights system, thus
the overall technical framework of the binary water rights system was constructed.