Experimental Design and Analysis of LEACH Protocol and Improved Algorithm


  • Haizhen Wang, Zuozheng Lian , Wencheng Gu


Many sensor nodes need to be randomly distributed in the area to be detected to collect
information during application of wireless sensor network. Effective transmission of
the information to observers is a key problem to be solved by routing protocols and an
important factor determining the performance of wireless sensor network. From
different points of view, different types of routing protocols are present. In order to
help students understand and design routing protocols, the experiment is presented
during teaching in this study. First, the principles of the LEACH protocol and the
improved algorithm were analyzed. Second, the program of the LEACH protocol was
implemented under the environment of MATLAB R2014a, which was run to analyze
the operation of LEACH protocol, and the relationship between live nodes in network
and run round number was summarized. Finally, LEACH protocol and improved
algorithm were compared by experimental design and analysis.