An Empirical Study of Chinese Healthcare Care Theory Method and Calculation Simulation


  • Enwei Cao, Jim Green


The study expanded the concepts in emotional labor by analyzing the mediating of
perceived organization support on emotional labor strategies related to turnover
intentions. On the other hand, this essay led new light on Chinese hospital employee
management within the medical industry by analyzing the front-line hospital
employees’ emotional labor and turnover intents, particularly mediating with
perceived organization support (POS) and moderating with emotional exhaustion.
[Methodology]This paper investigated the effect of emotional labor and turnover
intention by using data. Moreover, SPSS Statistics 22.0 & AMOS 22.0 statistic
programs, calculation simulation and theory method were used in analysis three key
hypotheses. [Findings]The surface acting is positively related to turnover intention
and the deep acting is negatively related to turnover intention, the perceived
organizational support as the mediating variable between emotional labor and
turnover. The emotional exhaustion effects as the moderating variable between
emotional labor and turnover intention.[Implications]Medical organizations with a
high requirement of emotional labor should adopt diversified measures to strengthen
their intervention in influences of emotional labor. In terms of front-line employees
already showing symptoms of emotional exhaustion, organizations should let these
employees relax emotionally. After the employees recover from emotional exhaustion,
they can continue with their job.