The Quick Choice Model and Empirical Analysis of Airport Taxi Pick-up Strategy—Taking Shanghai Hongqiao Airport as an Example


  • Wei Zhao, Yuxian Song, Die Liang, Xinning Huang


After the taxi takes guests to the airport, they will face two choices. One is the taxi returns directly to the urban area with no load in order to carry passengers in the urban area for profit, the other is to wait for new passengers at the airport before returning. This article examines how to quickly make more profitable choices from the perspective of a taxi driver. First, on the basis of considering random factors, the profits of returning with passengers and returning without load are respectively simulated, and a driver selection model based on the profit difference is established. Secondly, a quick selection model was established based on the driver’s easy-to-observable data. Finally, according to the relevant data of Hongqiao Airport, through Matlab computer simulation, the calculation results of the driver selection model and the pick-up strategy rapid selection model calculation results in various situations are calculated. After comparison, the accuracy of the rapid selection model is about 79 %.