Smart Grid Automatic Dispatching System Based on Dynamic Characteristics of Adjustable Resources


  • Haixin Yu, Taicheng Yang, Ziang Wang, Yuanji Li


In order to solve the problems of low precision and long time-consuming in traditional power grid dispatching system, this paper proposes to design an automatic dispatching system of smart grid based on dynamic characteristics of adjustable resources. The system consists of power data acquisition module, web module and smart grid automatic dispatching module. Among them, the function of power data acquisition module is to collect and preprocess power data, and the data similarity measurement method is used to preprocess the collected power data; the web module uses the web to process the collected power data The server is connected with the power management information system, according to the dynamic characteristics of power data, the dynamic threshold of load intensity in the dynamic evaluation index is obtained to realize the adaptive scheduling of power data; in the automatic dispatching module of smart grid, hierarchical task scheduling mode is selected to schedule the grid tasks, and the power data probability distribution model of task scheduling is constructed by curve fitting Taking the adjustable dynamic attribute of power data as its constraint condition, the maximum entropy method is used to obtain the objective function of power grid automatic dispatching, and the design of smart grid automatic dispatching system based on the dynamic characteristics of adjustable resources is completed. The experimental results show that the performance of the designed system is better in task scheduling.