Design of Phased Array Multiple Beam Microstrip Antenna with Beam Steering for 5G Applications


  • Harshal Nigam, Monika Mathur, Mukesh Arora, Ruchika Singh


In this paper, a compact microstrip antenna for 5G applications is designed. 5G wireless systems (millimeter wave systems) are improved networks to be deployed. A novel structure for the frequency 27.72 GHz with five element array and eight port feeding is here reported. The multiport feeding is able to vary the resultant beam position in the desired direction by changing the relative phase of input beams at different ports. The reported structure produces a beam, which is more directive with HPBW of 22.3-degree, maximum gain of 14.1 dB and a minimum return loss of -58.75 dB. In this paper, four different steering positions and four multiple beams in different directions with phase changes are reported. The simulation for this novel antenna array structure is carried out on CST microwave studio and structure is fabricated on the substrate Rogers RT5880LZ having dielectric constant 1.96 and results are tested and compared with the simulated results