From In&Oz to Corridor: Representation of Postmodern Self through Language and Image


  • Ms. Purnima Sarsar, Dr. Arun Kumar Poonia


Postmodernism, as we understand, does not hold any single definition, there are so many versions of it. In a postmodern world, people define this term according to their ever-changing and dynamic contexts. Moreover, authors like Steve Tomasula and Sarnath Banerjee have come with modernity which we can ocularize. In recent years, graphics and image-text novels have taken an upper hand in the literary market and with Man Booker longlisting of Sabrina, a graphic novel by Nick Darnsu, it has been accepted as a genre in literature. In this paper, a common theme has been discussed which is the idea of representation that runs across most of the multimodal works. To analyze a graphic novel and an image-text novel, the researcher has employed Panel Analysis which is a methodology that uses historical context, macro analysis, and microanalysis to examine various characteristics of the genre. These authors are ideally painting postmodern self in the discrete panels of a graphic novel and the images used in an image-text novel.