Design of Wheelchair for Physically Challenged People Based on Eye Movement Detection Using Image Processing


  • Nisha Sarvaiya, Prof. N. B. Gohil, Dr. Ved Vyas Dwivedi


The number of Paralyzed or Physically handicapped people is increasing day by day. People who have the ability to move on their own are very valuable. However it is sometime difficult for a person with physical disability. They have lost their self- confidence. There are many wheelchairs available in the market but the proposed  system present a low cost and real time solution so anyone can use it. The main objective of this system is to create wheelchair for physically handicapped people to move their wheelchair independently through the movement of eyes. The proposed system helps handicapped person to gain their self-confidence and will definitely help them to be a more independent. The proposed system initialized with camera. Viola-Jones algorithm is used for face detection. Eye movement is performed on MATLAB. MATLAB is communicating with PIC microcontroller using RF communication.PIC relays the control signal to L293D. L293D rotate the DC motor and direction display on LCD.