Work Life Balance among Employees working in Banking Industry of Kalaburagi Region


  • Nikhat Tabasum, Dr. B. S. Hugar


Work- Life balance is a phenomena which more clearly demonstrates the extent to which both the personal life and professional life is satisfied and fulfilled. They are considered to be two phases of same coin. Increasing globalisation, industrialization and pressure of work have made an  ongoing issue for both the genders, for all the professionals and for varied businesses in different fieldsthrough out the world. The banking sectors are considered to be the  leading threat  in the work life imbalance. Work boundaries are increasing more as not only to attract the target range but also ultimately to hike the worth production. Due to this tremendous work pressure it becomes difficult to sequence the work life and family life. Sometimes it is even noticed that people in a hurry want to reach to the peak, they work with full quality and excellence, because of which they miss out the true essence of real life. Although it is appreciated to have a career, it is equally acknowledged to have a peaceful life apart from work. This study mainly focuses on Bank sector of Kalaburagi region. The study concludes that Work-Life balance have turned into a upcoming threat for professionals of banking sector, further it is also noticed that employees work better when they give time to family and other personal interests.