System Designing on Smart Operation for Predictive Maintenance


  • S. Sambhu Prasad, Subodh Panda, D. Sirisha


In present scenario a significant amount of the global GDP is being diverted towards maintenance, more commonly for acknowledging breakdown or equipment failure. Behavior of operation with favorable safety satisfied industrial basic expectations, fulfilling industrial devices are in the range of its maximum potential of usefulness.  The technology as M2M communication, Modern sensor technologies, associated with latest information technologies principle  are more helpful on minimizing  unused potential of equipment by providing real-time data on performance levels. On availability of such these input data a proper maintenance schedule can be developed to maintain the right parts with the right means without losing equipment efficiency. Hence predictive maintenance has a great role on industrial safety and smooth operation. This research article express the proper analyze of predictive maintenance features, as condition monitoring &, fault diagnosis. Here some of the possible technology associated to predictive maintenance is considered and finally a suitable solution is given for better and early maintenance process.

The objective of this research work is to analyze previous information so as to develop a system that would provide an alert message on the event of any unusual behavior of machines so that the maintenance can be done in advance through surveillance of the situation, information analysis.