A Study on the Factors Responsible for Product Adaptation of Genset in India


  • Dinesh S. Patil, Dr. Surbhi Jain, Dr. A. Ameer Hussain, Dr. Shrikant Waghulkar


Product adaptation or customization is one among the most preferred strategies that manufacturers adopt to remain contemporary and competitive in the market. Customer prefer to purchase tailored products which suits to their specific needs. This behavior is very common among Institutional customer for their industrial goods needs. This article is aimed towards studying the critical factors that affects product adaptation with special reference to Genset Industry in India. A survey was conducted among 254 respondents of different Genset OEMs spread across in India with a goal to know the contribution of different factors affecting product adaptation of Genset. Through multiple linear regression using SPSS, a statistical software for data analysis it was observed that product adaptation of Genset was significantly affected by Internal process of the organization, Supply chain capabilities and customer preference. Hence manufacturers need to consider these three factors to decide whether predict adaptation is essential or not for their customers.