Application of Fractional Calculus Operators in Projectile Motion of a Particle along with Resisting Medium in two Dimensional Spaces


  • Brijesh Kumar Gupta, Deepti Shakti, Anil Kumar Bagwan


In the present paper, we propose to describe the nature of two dimensional projectile motions of a particle along with resisting medium by the fractional derivative equation. A subsidiary constraint  is initiated in the differential operator, in order to keep the dimensionality of the physical quantities in the structure. The reciprocal of seconds (sec)?1 is a dimension of this  constraint and characterizes the continuation of fractional time components in a certain structure. In the fractional approach, the trajectories of the projectile motion at distinct values of  and distinct fixed values of velocity v0 and elevation , are until the end of time  smaller  than the conventional one, nothing like the outcomes achieved in new studies. The entire outcomes achieved in the standard condition may be achieved from the fractional condition when