An Assessment in the Green HRM Practices and Environmental Sustainability- A Review of Literature


  • Bibhuti B Pradhan


Green HRM practices refers to as the HR practices that promotes ecological responsiveness sustainable development of resources and involving employee’s commitment and engagement towards organization’s goal and practices whereas, sustainable development could be defined as economic development that eradicates the depletion of natural resources. This paper aims at attaining green HRM practices and sustainable development in any organization to the fullest so that the organization could achieve go green initiative and contribute towards the environment. This paper doesn’t deals with the primary data but with the secondary data and any researcher could further use the data for their further research. It has been found from the review that the practices of green HRM are considerablyeffect the sustainability of organisation. Numerous studies have clearly indicated that the numerous green HRM practices for example green appraisals and recruitment, training and development substantially contributes to the sustainability of the organisations.