Intelligent Lighting Control System based on Big Data and Seasonal Depression Control


  • Yan Huang, Chunyu Yang


Seasonal affective disorder, also known as "winter depression," is a mood disorder caused by climate change. It has a unique pathogenesis, and the key to diagnosis is obvious seasonal onset and spontaneous remission of symptoms. Seasonal affective disorder has a significant impact on people's life, medical workers should accurately identify, timely treatment and intervention. As a unique treatment method, light therapy plays an important role in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder. There are some problems in the operation of the traditional lighting control system, such as the regulation is difficult, unreasonable equipment selection, etc., this paper briefly introduces the characteristics of the intelligent lighting control system based on big data, such as control flexibility, to be able to access different sensors, automatically adjust the lighting brightness and so on, puts forward a intelligent lighting control system based on big data design points. Meanwhile, the intelligent lighting control system based on big data and the control of seasonal depression were studied, and the main symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, susceptible population, pathogenesis, treatment and prevention were further elaborated.