Controlling Scheme of Remotely Connected Micro Hydro Power Plant


  • Rachna Manchanda


Electricity is the real need of the rapid growing world. Ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the end users is extremely important and a foremost concern for the power resources. In the hilly regions and in several remote sites finding a national grid is very difficult. Micro Hydro Power Plants can thus be accessiblein these small villages and towns where feasibility of electrical grid is not available. Therefore, to generate electricity in such places, micro hydro plant is best suited and easily availablefor supplying power to hilly areas and small villages. There are however particular issues with insufficient power generation from small hydroelectric plants. One such problem is water distribution or available water flow rate to generate power. The water distribution at the potential sites is small and this distribution is always variable and variable which in turn affects the electricity generated by the MHPP. This paper introduces a controlling schemeof remotely connectedmicro hydro power plant (MHPP) to maximize the amount of electrical energy available from the available hydropower in such a way that the power generated constant regardless of the variations of water flow rate.