A Study on the Compensatory Consumption-Review of Literature


  • Bibhuti B Pradhan


When people lack their attitude and have different behaviour due to any means then they compensate their attention from their bad behaviour towards the way they could figure out happiness and joy. Similarly, people feels same for crave for food, shopping, games, mobile phones etc. it is analysed that the individual recovers their sadness and moodiness with that of the food or other items because these things and items compensate the bad behaviour of the people. This paper deals with the compensatory consumption during negative behavioural conditions and adopting activities that provides people with satisfaction, happiness and positive behaviour towards people around them. This paper uses secondary data and any researcher can further add on the primary data to this research paper. It was found that that people must opt different ways to bring satisfaction and happiness keeping into account the financial limitations and family so that they couldn’t stresses out in the end.