Remote Automation in Farming using Internet of Things


  • Dr. R. Arun Chakravarthy, N. Selvanathan, C. Sureshkumar, M. Bhuvaneswari


As the world id getting digitized nowadays, there is a necessity for engineers to get digitized. The innovations of the engineers are to be proved in every field and so is the agriculture sector. The farming in agriculture is chosen for digitization as the technology in intending to do work in a click controlled by processors and controllers. Communication should play a great role in farming and have required accessories for proper communication control. The old practices of monitoring are replaced using assembling and controlling components. This enables the farmers to know as well the as understand the real-time needs in the farming field and act accordingly. In this research work, the communication system is developed to automate the ongoing day’s work of an agriculturist. The control of irrigation, automation of irrigation, giving needed manure, control of required pesticides, water management and supervision can be made effectively using our system. Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) plays an important role in important role in the communication layer. The IoT system produces good efficiency in the farming field and can play major role in the future modernized farming in the world.