Administrative Model for the Organization of Agro- Industrial Micro-Enterprises at Universidadtecnica Del Norte


  • Edison Rodríguez


In this work, an administrative model is structured for the organization of the self-managed agro-industrial micro-enterprise at Universidad Tecnicadel Norte, applying administrative tools that guarantee work efficiency, allow offering of low-cost services and obtaining financial returns from the sale of products manufactured during the teaching-learning process. As it is a purely practical project, emphasis is placed on human talent management, financial management and strategic planning; The methodology for this proposed model considers: administrative management based on strategic planning through the democratic participation of staff and managers of the university micro enterprise; the administrative body that considers the structural and functional system; human talent managers that consider the wealth of human knowledge- base, “doing” and “being” as stated in the job specifications and incentive system; and, financial management that focuses on the design of financial policies and the proposal of money flow. The analysis of the external environment shows that it is speculative; The analysis of the microenvironment determines the existence of three participation markets: consumption of manufactured products, technology transfer, and applied research. Outcomes show that they are highly attractive, unattractive, and medium attractive, respectively; The internal environment is aggressive, which indicates that everything that is proposed should be successful. The effective application of the strategic plan, as support so that, in the immediate future, the model designed according to the needs of the productive units, can be maintained over time and maintain the character of micro-enterprises with operational autonomy.