The Ability of Student’s Increases for Mathematical Problem Solving after Learning by Discovery Method Can Help in Shaping a Better World


  • Neha Rathore, Anil Agarwal


This research study investigate that on mathematical problem solving the capability of discovery learning method can help to develop logical, verbal, non-verbal reasoning  which can help in shaping a better world. In Mathematical education by using mathematical activities we make mathematical education active, dynamic and more effective and when students dealing with their life problems they can solve it easily if their thoroughly and critically reasoning, systematically, think logically, adopt an objective and open attitude are properly develop. But we have observed that students are worry about numerous studies in mathematics that interfere with learning of math. There are three methods of teaching mathematics which are discovery learning, traditional method and problem solving. A teacher and student centered method is problem solving. In traditional method education is teacher-centered all the command is given by teachers. But teachers plays the role of facilitators in discovery learning and associated with construction and discovery of the knowledge .The findings of this investigation suggest learning by discovery methods, students are able to not only involve in best learning of mathematics but also able to solve their life challenges.