Artificial Intelligence for Diabetes Management and Decision Support


  • S. Muzeer
  • K. Malathi


Diabetes is a  metabolic disease where any person  would  cause a widely more level of blood glucose in the body, it not depend on any age, it occurs to any group of people are  in fact  that the  body's telephones will not  respond correctly to insulin. It will lead to affect and hurt the total organs and functions of organs such as eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart, and veins. It will decrease the calcium levels in bones and broke will not heal properly. The main work we are going to do is to implement new procedures, implement new process using  Machine learning and provide a proper and closest outcome of lab reports from old reports of different lab reports of a person result. The work we are going to do in this is finding and focus on  qualities that we can get  off diabetes using this framework.  The output will be identified using data structured area of  decision tree  has the most unlikely values  of  97.20% and 99.00%, it had stood for the better  identification  of diabetic data. Some  result says that for knowing the  best value or accuracy will be  off 82.30%. The identification  also says that the  dataset plays a main role  to get  the portrayal precision.