Smart Irrigation System using IoT


  • Shaik Ali
  • G. Padmapriya


Agriculture is considered as the backbone of India. Agriculture is the main source of food production in our country. Most of the farmers in India depend on monsoons to cultivate their lands for food production. In India Agriculture is the primary source of income nearly 70% of people depends on it. Agriculture and their allied sectors share 16% of GDP. The main source of agriculture is water. By the traditional method of watering, the waste of water is more. Due to climatic changes in the environment, the content of water at ground level is decreasing day by day around the globe. It is right for all human beings to preserve the water for future generations by reducing its wastage. As the technology changes IoT is also evolving which is a milestone for agriculture to use. Internet of Things (IoT) is playing a major role in many fields; agriculture is one of the parts. The main objective of this paper is to overcome this problem by using IoT technologies. The proposed methodology mainly depends on the Microcontroller and sensors. This work is fully automated which helps the framers to get the information regarding their field conditions. It gives the data regarding water content in soil and humidity, which helps framers to reduce the wastage of water.