Finding an Alternate Access Route from Ikire to Gbongan, Osun State, Nigeria using Geospatial Techniques


  • Amoo Nureni Babatunde
  • Adebayo Quadri Akolade


This paper describes Geospatial techniques to select suitable right of way and demonstrate the use of remotely sensed imagery for selecting the least cost and practically feasible alternative route in a way that reduce the cost of construction, time and effort in the field and Environmental hazard that may occurs as a result of the constructional activities. The analysis has taken Land Use / Land Cover and Slope as a determining factor in order to find appropriate path for road construction using the cost distance approach. The selected route pass through areas of low elevation and gentle slopes which is good for the construction of roads to minimize cost and time. The route avoids areas of high elevation and steep slopes, also comparing with the land use land cover it avoids regions of outcrops and dense vegetation.