A Novel CBIR System Based on Combination of HSI - Color moment and Gabor Filter


  • Yogendra Singh Rathore
  • Vishal Shrivastava


Content-Based Image Recovery (CBIR) is a Digital Image Processing (DIP) platform for search and recovery of query photos from various databases. CBIR process includes various steps in which highlights are extracted, as well as images, are taken from large image databases based on a visual substance like color, form and structure in line with the interest of the user. CBIR does some research to provide a reasonable answer to your client question. A new way to index colors, through the implementation of a simple SVM system is planned in this article. This paper introduces a new technique for indexing color photographs through manipulation of the elegance of the equalization process of Histogram. We also have a combination of color, texture in this algorithm. The work of the past has been strengthened in this method to achieve greater precision. We suggest histogram equalization in this paper to increase the image quality or distance matrix in order to obtain better performance than basic work.

The three channels are then autonomously encrypted. The element extraction was seen here as a paired order issue but SVM was used to organize this issue & the whole image, extracted after the feature extraction process, is grouped accordingly.