Internal Environment and Entrepreneurial-Venture Performance of Large Scale Enterprises (LSES) in Enugu, Nigeria


  • Happiness Ozioma OBI-ANIKE
  • Chikodili Nkiruka OKAFOR
  • Bamidele S. ADELEKE


The influence of internal environment to the success and overall effectiveness of entrepreneurial organizations cannot be over-emphasized. In this paper, the study investigated the effect of internal environment on organizational performances of large scale firms in Nigeria. The work determines the impact of organizational structure on workers performance; and examines how organizational culture impact on organizational performance of large scale entrepreneurial businesses. To achieve the spelt objectives, the study utilized survey design; and data was collected though a self-administered questionnaire from a number of 275 respondents who were staff of three large scale entrepreneurial firms in Enugu, Nigeria. Statistical technique software SPSS was employed to aid the data analysis.  Having analyzed the data, the study found out that: flat and tall structure affect the productivity of large scale firms. It was also discovered that organistic structure builds effective organization position. The work among other things, recommends that firms should try to motivate and sustain their workforce, because they are the indispensable assets that promote organization growth. It was also admonished that organizations should ensure that their good culture is maintained, and preserved in order onto their new employees, so that the norms, value and artifacts of the organization that can be uphold