Novel Encryption Algorithm for Securing Sensitive Information Based on Feistel Cipher


  • Shams Mahmoud Abd Ali
  • Hasan Falah Hasan


The growth of latest technology specially internet and its applications imposes a major concern in respect to information security in terms of protecting precious content against any possible and vital attacks. Cryptography has made the difference over period of time by using developed encryption algorithms where some of them have successfully fulfill its designed goals however, others have failed due to specific requirements or encryption/decryption procedures have been recognized. Recent encryption algorithms employed aims mainly to escalate the security levels of sensitive information in order to deliver confidentiality, authentication, integrity, and non-repudiation. In this paper, the proposed encryption algorithm has combined the core of three different algorithms DES, Blowfish and Vigenère but with optimized secure. The key has been enhanced to be 256 bit key inspired by AES algorithm key and Blowfish PI factor. Key generation and encryption/decryption performing using feistel cipher methodology. Analysis and experimental results have clearly proven solid randomness on key generation, Encryption and decryption in which it has met all targets designed.