Different Types of Spatiotemporal Classifier and Their Efficiency for Human Gestures


  • Vishal Kumar Goar
  • Manoj Kuri
  • Pawan Tanwar


As computers have become additional well-liked, the interest in the strategies to act with computers is additionally growing. For the use of the fullest capability of computers, we want to find ways in which to act with computers. There are several new approaches and technologies are developing to bridging the gap between human and computers. Instructing the computers by human gestures may be a natural means of human-computer interaction (HCI), there are several types of research are in progress during this direction. during this work, we tend to summarize a number of the novel spatiotemporal classifier and their potency to affect statistic information that derbies all sorts of human pose and gestural activities to act with a machine. it's quite difficult to acknowledge the communication in sign language recognition (SLR) among deaf and dumb folks for a typical person and to differentiate the suspicious activities in videos.