An Empirical Research on the Impact of Sexual Harassment, Gender Inequality, and Gender Stereotype towards Job Satisfaction among Female Employees


  • Anith Kumar Nantha Kumar
  • Thilageswary Arumugam
  • Mudiarasan Kuppusamy
  • Juginder Singh


This study investigates the impact of sexual harassment, gender inequality and gender stereotypes towards female employee job satisfaction in Malaysia. Job satisfaction is crucial especially in the era of diverse workforce. One important factor that importantly to be considered is non-discrimination at workplace. However, some of discrimination and inequality continue to persist.  Along this line globally some of the commonly known issues are  sexual harassment, gender inequality, and gender stereotype exist despite wide awareness created on this. The objective of the study is to identify whether sexual harassment, gender inequality, and stereotypes have an impact on job satisfaction among female employees. The study embarked on the perception of female employees in relation to three factors as the independent variable. Hence, it takes milestone research among academics as the respondent in Malaysian Private Higher Educational Institution.  The number of respondents was obtained was 100 for this study. The hypothesis analysis conducted using the Multiple Regression to determine the impact of all those independent variables towards the dependent variable namely job satisfaction. The results indicate that sexual harassment has no effect on job satisfaction. Gender inequality and gender stereotype found to have significant effects on job satisfaction. The implication of this research is to focus on inclusion and gender diversity in organisations.

Keywords: sexual harassment, gender inequality, gender stereotype, job satisfaction