Can A University Address The Graduate Skills Gap? An Analysis of a Business Schools’ Preparation of Graduates for Employment in Malaysia


  • J. J Turner
  • Sharif. S. Pahlevan
  • R. Rasiah
  • H. I. Hussain
  • V. Guptan


Today’s graduate faces a disruptive labour market which requires a diverse skills set and an increasing importance placed on softer skills. The changing nature of employment places pressure on educational establishments to ensure graduates have appropriate skills to secure employment. The bridging of the graduate skills gap is a notion which is preoccupying employers and tertiary education providers and has resulted in a number of initiatives being implemented which disrupts the traditional academic curriculum, encourages more engagement with business and develops skills which allow graduates to compete against man and machine. Using an online google survey with 282 undergraduate students from a university Business School in Malaysia, the research examines student perspectives of their preparedness for employment and of the employability skills they are developing at the university. The research revealed that respondents felt their university experience prepared them for employment and that they developed their employability skills. The results consolidate existing research and takes research forward into understanding the importance of soft skills to graduate employability and bridging of the graduate skills gap.