Relationship between Celebrity Endorsement of Fashion Clothing and Consumer Buying Behavior among Muslim Women: Empirical Evidence from Lahore, Pakistan


  • Sana Ahmed Noon
  • Ayesha Ahmed Noon
  • Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh


The aim of this paper was to examine the relationship between celebrity endorsement and buying behavior of fashion clothing by women in Lahore, Pakistan. Specifically, this study examined the influence of celebrity source attractiveness, source respect, source similarity, source trustworthiness and source expertise towards buying behavior. This research was a quantitative study that used a self-administered questionnaire. The target population were matured women in Lahore.  Primary data was collected from 277 women using convenience sampling technique. Multiple regression analysis via Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) computer program version 19 was used to test the hypothesis developed for this study. The output of the multiple regression analysis revealed that source attractiveness had the strongest impact on buying behavior. The results further showed that buying behavior was influenced by source trustworthiness, source respect and source similarity. However, source expertise did not show a significant influence on buying behavior. This study has implications for marketers and advertising practitioners in Pakistan. The results showed that marketers should place higher importance on source attractiveness when using celebrities to endorse fashion clothing products. The results of this study will add to existing literature on the relationship between celebrity endorsement and buying behavior by Muslim women. To the best of the researcher’s knowledge, this is the first study of its kind in Pakistan to examine the influence of celebrities’ endorsement on Muslim women buying behavior of fashion clothing.