A Study on Factors Influencing Cross-Border Tourism among Bruneians


  • Mohammad Amir
  • Munieleswar ​
  • Ravindra Kumar


Cross- border tourism is one of the emerging trends in the global market. More researchers are investigating the effects of cross-border tourism and the behavior of this tourist. As similar behavior is observed among Bruneian tourist that cross border to Eastern Malaysia, this research intends to identify and evaluate the factors influencing cross-border tourism among Bruneian tourist. There by, their potential variables product availability and destination attributes were studied. Past works of literature, primary and secondary data were used to investigate the relationship of the variables. For the primary research a web-based questionnaires were carefully designed an distributed to Bruneians who engage in cross- border tourism. The results of the data gathered were carefully analyzed and are comprehensively discussed on the relevancy of the findings and past research. The results of this research should assist the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, Brunei to develop the industry of Brunei and retain its consumers to reduce any unfavorable effects from cross- border tourism on the economy.