The Influence of Place Attachment Dimensions on Pro-Environmental behaviour intention among Local Tourists in Mahe, Seychelles


  • Georges Yazmeen Mary Christie L
  • Thanam Subramaniam


Environmental issue has been recognised as one of the critical issues faced by the tourism industry in the world today. Human’s involvement in transits tourism destination as a commercial tourism highly damaging and destroying the nature and contributed to the global environmental issue. Nurturing place attachment and pro-environmental behaviour among local communities and tourists have been acknowledged as a solution to overcome the environmental issue in the previous literature, however, it is still at infancy level and not fully explored in different tourism sector and nations, including the Seychelles. Hence, this paper is aimed to analyse the influence of place attachment dimensions in pro-environmentally behaviour intention among local tourists in Mahe, Seychelles. A preliminary study was carried out among 50 local tourists in Mahe, Seychelles to examine the relationship between the four dimensions of place attachment on pro-environmental behaviour intention. This study adopted quantitative method, where survey questionnaire was distributed among local tourists in Mahe, Seychelles. The results indicated that all four dimensions were significantly influenced the pro-environmental behaviour intention among local tourists. However, the outcomes of the study limited to a small number of sample size and behavioural intention. Therefore, it is recommended to explore this study with large sample size, actual pro-environmental behaviour and a different tourism sector.

 Keywords: Pro-environmentally Behaviour Intention, Place Attachment, Environmental Issue