Effectiveness of Digital Marketing on Building Brand Equity in the FMCG Industry


  • Sadia Kamal
  • Waqas Ahmed Afridi
  • Haslina Hashim


Digital Marketing has been in constant growth in recent times mostly through Social Media Marketing (SMM) on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The research aims to investigate the Effectiveness of Digital Marketing on building brand equity in the FMCG industry of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It seeks to identify whether there is a relationship between brand equity (BE), which is a composite index of brand image, brand awareness, brand preference and brand loyalty with difference aspects of SMM efforts such as entertainment, interaction, trendiness, customization and word of mouth. In the shadow of literature, a theoretical framework isstructured to provide better understanding and to visually explain the relevant theory. A survey was conducted among 104 respondents using convenience sampling method. SPSS tool was used for data analysis and drawing conclusions. Moreover, study hypotheses were tested for their significance in the study. Findings from the study suggest, Young adults have high levels of Facebook usage, high self-esteem, low narcissism levels and a high level of social validation (need to belong and be accepted). The study contributes insightfulanalysis that had few limitations, while furtherrecommendations were madeas future directions.