Identifying Cultural Factors Affecting the Consumer Buying Behaviour in Retail Industry


  • Aman Raj
  • Nikitha Sharma
  • Diya Manoj
  • Dr. Rupesh Kumar M


The research study is aimed to identify the cultural factors affecting consumer behaviour while buying or choosing a product from any retail store formats. A descriptive research study was conducted among 196 respondents from all over Bangalore. This research study was conducted to identify the cultural factors which affect the consumer buying behaviour because the results of this study will tell the existing & future retailers about the importance of cultural factors for the consumers. It will also tell them which cultural factors play an important role in consumers’ buying decisions & they can use it to meet their consumer’s expectations & cultural needs. The study revealed that cultural factors are very important for the consumers when they are buying a product. It showed that customer’s buying decision hugely depends on their cultural beliefs & expectations and they prefer to give up a product if it does not meet their cultural beliefs & expectations. The study identified lifestyle, gender, habits & customs, friends & social groups, family values, status & environment as the most important cultural factors which mostly affected people’s buying decision.

 Keywords: Cultural Factor, Consumer Buying Behaviour, Retail Industry, Organised Retail Store, Unorganised Retail Store.